I am taking a break from blogging etc because right now I’m pretty busy and trying to have fun away from the computer, but I’ll probably be back next time my health decides to fuck up/have some writing to share.

I’m going to go out and live life for a bit. Lots to doooo…..x


I watched you
copy the way she ate,
And your children
would not kiss her.

He and I would sit
in the Blair Witch sauna
to talk about India
and I would take his hand
when he could not breathe.

You marked out the vase
with a nod,
But I wanted the girl
on the bank,
combing combing combing
out the years.

That girl will comb through my life,
At number 23.

Enjoy the vase.

Sorry for absence, I have been having sex and running and having sex and running and lifting weights and running and also running.

Best week of my life. So much sweat…

Will be back shortly with poems etc! xxx

Tosc and I did a personality test the other day – thought I’d share it here because the results were scarily accurate and a lot of fun to read out loud with a loved one. If you’ve never done it before, it’s called the Myers Briggs personality test and you can take it here:


I’m an ENFP (the Inspirer – which sounds rather nice) and Tosc is an ESTP (the doer – a ‘blunt straight-forward risk taker’, snort.)


Can’t believe I’m posting poems and blogging from the pub but Tosc’s been talking to a dullard about football and other masculine pursuits for about an hour. How do I swerve this conversation towards badminton and cravats?

I wonder…

Yesterday morning was one of those ‘bacon for everybody! Freshly squeezed orange juice! The world is my playground!’ sort of mornings. I was roaring like a lion at 6am and begging Tosc not to go to work. But go to work he did. Bloody workaholic.

So I went out for a very, very long walk – tipping my imaginary hat, snapping my imaginary braces, smiling at children and women and dogs. By the time I got back home my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I didn’t even care.

I stayed in last night (not sure I can handle drunken self-cathing in public lavatories just yet…) but going to the pub for a quiet one tonight, close to home in case I have to make some mad dash.  Might go swimming this afternoon. I might book a weekend break for me and Tosc. I might I might, because I can, I can.