Tosc and I did a personality test the other day – thought I’d share it here because the results were scarily accurate and a lot of fun to read out loud with a loved one. If you’ve never done it before, it’s called the Myers Briggs personality test and you can take it here:

I’m an ENFP (the Inspirer – which sounds rather nice) and Tosc is an ESTP (the doer – a ‘blunt straight-forward risk taker’, snort.)



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  1. I did this a couple of years ago – I’m an INFP. Most of it seems pretty much right, except I was always good at maths and science so perhaps I’m a rare logical INFP! 😉
    What I find really interesting are the INFP + (partner type) / relationship combo explanations. Pretty much can predict why the relationship can work and also predict potential fights and even relationship downfall! And it seemed spot on…
    Glad you mentioned this stuff, I’ll have to have a look over it all again as it is very interesting.
    And yeah, I’d say you are definitely an Inspirer, judging through your writing in any case. In fact, both you and Tosc have pretty interesting combos.

  2. INFP sounds like a lovely type – quiet and dreamy and awkward 🙂 Do you where I can find a site for that relationship combo thing? Would be very interested. Looking more in depth I can’t actually believe how accurate the test is. All of my most ridiculous personality traits, in black and white! I’ve been through all of the types today and I’m 100% certain Dee was an INTP – it’s all quite fascinating to read.
    ps – I feel a bit sorry for the people who would rather clean an oven than write a sonnet. Although they probably get less instances of salmonella. x

    • Can I be a logical dreamer? And quiet… sometimes I talk too loud, but I think that is because I am a bit deaf. Awkward. Awkward hey?
      I can’t find the relationship combo stuff. All that was through my old work. I think taken from a book. You will have to do some hunting, it may be worth it! Or amusing at the very least.
      This site isn’t too bad for a bit of info (even though the design is terrible):
      I did your test anyway, just to see if I still came out INFP 6 years later. And yep. I do.
      You know, when I first found out about all this I was hugely relieved. Growing up I had always felt totally out of place and weird. It made me realise that I am supposed to be! 😉
      Totally agree it is interesting to try to pick out what people close to you are.
      I’m my hunt through my stuff I came across these , I wonder what you think:
      INTP = It’s Not Theoretically Possible
      ENFP = Everyday New Fantastic Possibilities

  3. ha! Ah these are brilliant! They’re so spot on! Bloody hell, Tosc could have that printed on a t shirt.
    I know what you mean about feeling ‘relieved’ – even though I see shrinks etc, reading through some of this stuff has allowed me to laugh at my bad qualities because they’re not just specific to me, as a person, they’re specific to a *type* of person, and what a difference that makes!
    So what does INFP stand for? xxx

  4. Ha! Well that’s alright, I never follow them either. Together we stand, in our unfinished business and accumulated clutter! x

    • I like adventure. Plans are fine but shouldn’t be followed if they get in the way.
      I don’t accumulate so much as clutter.
      Together NFPs unite!

  5. I think plans can sort of ruin things a bit, it depends if they’re rigid or not. Yes we must unite and take over. Although idealistic types don’t fare too well in the aftermath of a revolution, so maybe we should just have some tea and get distracted by a better idea.xx

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