Can’t believe I’m posting poems and blogging from the pub but Tosc’s been talking to a dullard about football and other masculine pursuits for about an hour. How do I swerve this conversation towards badminton and cravats?

I wonder…


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  1. This made me laugh. I have myself been caught reading the news on my ph at the pub. I just can’t fake interest in things. Not sure I’d do much better with badminton either though. Ha!

  2. It’s ‘blokey’ conversation I find troublesome. ‘Yeah it’s mint mate, fucking wanker mate, gulp your pint mate, look at the tits on that mate, football football mate.’ It’s like a different bloody language.
    Well two can play at that game.
    ‘I like your winklepickers darling, fetch me a sherry and we shall discuss the rules of the wall game, fabulous, rah rah rah.’

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