Am feeling a bit better – I have a huge stock of anti depressants which I’ve dutifully stuck my snout into and things are not as terrible as they were last week. (Anti depressants work very quickly on bipolar people, so I must be wary of them sending me ‘high’ which is always a risk.) Today I really felt the difference – woke up feeling almost optimistic about things. My sis and her friends have been real gems, and her boyfriend too (they’ve been together for a million years and he knows me very well, in fact his default method of trying to get me out of depression is to pull down my trousers and spank me.) 


Things that I have learned in the past week:

  • If you put a tampon in a cup of tea it will basically explode.
  • Everything is going to be ok.
  • Cows should not be spooked.
  • Goats are vital in the fight against depression.
  • Fresh flowers are nice in a bedroom.
  • If you sew pretty buttons on things, it makes the things look jazzy.
  • I look sort of hot in frosted pink lipstick.
  • Everything there is to know about the rape of Nanking.

That’s not bad for seven days, huh.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Ah ha ha! This made me laugh.
    Goats are certainly very lovely. They have funny teeth too. Another thing that is good, is a sheep that does a four-legged bounce.

  2. Aw, I’ve never seen a sheep do a bounce. I’ve seen a lamb do a bounce, and a goat, but never a sheep.
    Stotting – ha, did you know that when a guinea pig bounces it’s called ‘popcorning’? When guinea pigs bounce they look like tiny fat ponies. xx

    • I didn’t know about popcorning. I think you are having me on.
      Sheep sometimes do it, especially if they were handreared.
      There is an alternative word to ‘stotting’ – ‘pronking’!! Now that is much better.

      • Haha pronking!? Now *you’re* having me on 😉

        Guinea pigs popcorn when they’re really happy. They also whistle. They’re joy machines.

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