Saw the dentist today. I need about twenty fillings, which is superb. I haven’t had a check up in a long time though so I suppose it was inevitable – I clean my teeth three times a day but a lot of my medication gives me dry mouth so my teeth have taken a battering. Ah, British teeth, what a wonder. He gave them a good clean though so they look great, even if they’re literally falling apart behind the scenes.

Feeling a little low again tonight, probably because I’m all on my lonesome. I’m thinking about writing a load of poems about the moons of the solar system, maybe the planets too. I tried writing about Mercury a few weeks ago but it made me feel depressed. I’ve always felt very sorry for Mercury. A tormented little thing, I feel.



5 thoughts on “

  1. Oh no, you definitely need my dentist.
    Last night I was home alone so had some Chardonnay leftovers and wrote a little poem about a solar eclipse. Paha. Cosmic stuff!

  2. Ah, you should post it. xx

    • you do realise how godawful that sounded – Chardonnay & solar eclipse (?!)
      You post your one about Mercury!

      • Nah – like Bridget Jones trying to woo Brian Cox 😉

        I’ll post it tomorrow along with some other stuff – it needs some work, was also going to write a poem about teeth. Stupid bloody teeth. I fucking hate fillings as well. Right, I need to get some kip -if I write any freaky blog posts it’s me on ambien, and you have full permission to rip the piss out of me tomorrow 😉 x

  3. 😉 😉 😉 I do love that smiley, even though I’d never actually wink in real life unless I had something in my eye. x

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