sadly bits

rather drunk, rather sad. Here are some disjointed bits of stuff.


I’ve tickled it into his naked back,
When he’s fucking me it spools around my tongue,
I devote myself with every playful smack –
And harder still when certain smacks have stung.




History repeats on us,
One life holding the gown
Of the next,
Waiting for its turn;
Just look at how the future greets us,
With a capful of
Utter unconcern.

 I want to be of use to you,

But my memories
Are not admired by most –
They involve love and only love,
Or desire described as love
And floating
In the sky of a castle
with a hatful of flowers boasting ‘now’.


Get me my old school photograph
And I’ll point out every boy that
I ever kissed
Or even just dreamed of kissing.
Him?  Linguistic brilliance,
Chewed the skin either side
Of his fingernails, red
Raw they were.
And him? A map of acne
On his back, felt like
And him? Such
Almond eyes,
Like milk allergies.
I take photos of every beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen.

The devil is in the details,
And God is in them too.


9 thoughts on “sadly bits

  1. I love these. You need to give each of them their own space, they deserve it – not just to be lumped in together.
    The first in particular is so great. Com’on – unbundle them please! 🙂

  2. It’s come to me. Your writing reminds me of Simon Van Booy’s. But with more magic and comedy and sex (which is even better). Do you know his writing? He is one of my favourite authors. I wonder what you think of him.
    PS Don’t forget to unbundle these poems, at least up on HP. x

  3. I’ve never read any of Simon Van Booy’s stuff (I will now! Could you recommend a starting point?) And yes, I will unbundle but I might tinker around a bit first, think the first one could be a tad longer xxx

    • Well, you will have to try him. I read ‘The Secret Lives of People in Love’, a collection of short stories, years ago, and all I remember is that it knocked me out. Recently read ‘The Illusion of Separateness’, also very good. He writes prose like a poet.

      • Haha, you’ll probably hate his his writing! (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t enough sex. Or dirty wit.)
        You’ll look at me sideways for ever after, thinking, ‘and she thought that Van Booy was good, harumph’… 😉

      • I will most certainly check him out. Both of those titles sound very attractive 🙂 I like how you said ‘you remind me of him, but with more magic and sex’ – all I need is some blood and sugar and I’ll be a rockstar. x

  4. No, I won’t do that at all! If I don’t like something that other people like, I always think there must be something wrong with *me* not the person who recommended…! xx

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