I have literally spent all night trying to explain quantum physics to a retard. When I asked Toscar if this guy was just drunk or actually stupid, Tosc said:

“He’s a moron. A real moron. He thought rats gave birth to mice.”

I feel like I’m bleeding from the eyes. You know when you think someone might just be being a bit stubborn and refusing to listen…? Turns out this guy didn’t even understand how to tell the time.

Anyway, I’m drunk and home now and I feel sick and sad as hell. Psychiatrist wants to keep ‘an eye’ on me, so hi ho. Currently downing a load of sleeping pills, Toscar can fuck himself if he thinks he’s getting a blowjob tonight, just not going to happen. I am off to the noddy land of noddington. Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, and kisses. x


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  1. Oh also Jo, if you can read this bit – thanks for talking to me the other morning, I was feeling shitty and you really lifted my spirits and made me ‘face the day’ so to speak πŸ™‚ Someone on the tv mentioned Danny The Chamption of the world this afternoon and I was like “go Jo!”. Anyway – trying to steer away from soppiness, kiwi gal. (you have 2 nicknames now in my head – kiwi gal or Amelie. Kamelie? Amelikiwi? I may have to combine the two somehow,,,) Sorry, I have gobbled too much whisky andof course the ambiens makings its marks – I shall make this quick. love to you, here are some awful british kisses, Arthur x

  2. hey you write when you like – your support means a lot to me, is what I’m trying to drunkenely express πŸ™‚ good to have ya back kiwi/amelie xxxx

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