Aw yeah. Chinese food and boyfriend and alcohol. Awww yeah.


3 thoughts on “

  1. I’d swap Chinese for Vietnamese and then……. aw yeah.

    Where did that post about poetry v short stories go? I thought it was interesting. And correct. I think poetry leaves more blanks so can get away with more… I’m the same I can love a poem for just one line or a small collection of words. x

  2. Yes, where did that post go? It was brilliant! I was about to write a fawning and OTT comment about how I feel exactly the same about writing in prose but don’t have a clue about your asthmatic elephant dream etc; etc;

    Hope the food + boyf + drink was great, anyway!

  3. I haven’t deleted it – I made it private because I wanted to split the post into two, and then I forgot about it until reading these comments…xx

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