three things

Three things that have happened or will happen:

1.) Spent about six hours with an elderly German neighbour yesterday. I used to do her shopping for her until I got too ill to do my own, but she spotted me on the way back from buying cigarettes and I somehow found myself wallpapering her living room. Then she wanted a mirror put up, but the wall wasn’t good enough, so I had to ask Crazy Scotmsan if he had the appropriate drill bits and screws and then HE became involved and…

Ugh. I’m only complaining because drilling with a tremor is really quite terrifying.

Anyway, now Hilda has a new wall and a new mirror, and I’ve got a bad back. Rather nice to be bossed around by a German woman, though. She’s about 105 years old and still blonde and built like a wrestler, which I find remarkable.

2.) I may have mistakenly asked a woman out on a date. I don’t quite know how this happened. To cut a long story short – she’s the new nurse at the clinic I go to for specific blood tests, she’s very lovely looking and American, and this morning we ended up having a long conversation about how she’s split up with her boyfriend because he wants to be a street theatre person. I forget the details because I couldn’t stop thinking about Tobias Funke and the Blue Man Group. So she keeps me talking for WAY longer than necessary (about twenty minutes longer whilst people are in the waiting room) and tells me she finds it hard to meet men and make friends. So I suggest flippantly that we should go out for coffee or something. So now we’re going out for coffee. It was only on my way back home I realised – fuck, in America – this is how people go on dates, isn’t it? Ask them out for coffee? AM I DATING HER???

3) I have a Halloween party to go to tonight and no costume. It’s Daniel’s party which are always legendary. I’m not going as Edward Cullen. I repeat – I am not going as Edward Cullen.


6 thoughts on “three things

  1. Hee hee! Have fun at the party – I’m off to one on Saturday night, going as a cat. Hubby is going as Hellboy. His costume is awesome. Mine is just a cocktail dress, spiderweb tights, a mask and ears, and long black gloves.

  2. I have another party Saturday night too – although I don’t think I’m going to that one (will be all Halloweened out, I think!)
    Good that you’re both actually going as spooky things – Halloween has just become a big fancy dress party now, with people dressing as Marilyn Monroe and so forth. You’re going to be a very lovely cat I’m sure 😉
    Hey, maybe I can just take Lucifer on a lead and he can be my costume. He’s scary enough.
    Sigh. I’m obviously going as Edward Cullen. xxx

  3. Hey, maybe I can just forget the costume and go as ‘MS’. That’s pretty scary…! x

  4. Ha!! You could dress up as a cup of coffee and be a scary is-this-a-date-or-not? date. 😉 xx

  5. Speaking as an American, I’m almost positive she must think you asked her out… Unless she knows you’re gay, then she probably wants a friend. : )

    • Don’t think she knows I’m gay – I’m not obviously gay if you know what I mean. But she’s a nurse – surely they have it written on that little screen, in the medical notes?
      Name: Arthur
      Blood Type: O
      Sexuality: Cream tasting tulip toucher

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