Despite all this seroquel I still can’t feel tired! My mind was really dumb last night, then I had a sort of burst of creativity this morning, then sex stuff popped up which was fine because I have company (so no chained Bonobo misery) and now I’m buzzing again like a silly little wasp. But no massive frustration or crying, thank fuck. I have cath nurses coming over on Tuesday (had it marked on the calendar as today – mix up with appointment cards) and I almost feel like I want to cancel it. I don’t know if I’m up to it…? I don’t want to chicken out though.

(plus Tosc did promise me something for when I get rid of it – not a pony or a present but a SEX GIFT which is so much better)

The things I’ll go through for a shag, my God. Ok – will have to start winding down now. T’s doing his ritual midnight showering, I’m going to make myself something chocolatey and milky and hot to sip. Goodnight goodnight goodnight.


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