Just thought I’d post this quickly –  I often try to cook a Sunday roast, and this evening Tosc finished eating and said :

“Well I’ve gotta hand it to you, you’ve outdone yourself. That was fucking disgusting.”

I pretended to be annoyed, but I’m still laughing about it.


2 thoughts on “

  1. I’m impressed, I’m lousy at roasts. I only really like roast chicken anyway, and I’m one of about five people on the planet (it seems) who doesn’t like potatoes!

    I make a mean curry, though!

    Did you make a pudding, too??

    • I’m lousy at them too! I’m the master of burning stuff, my potatoes always end up like water and don’t even start me on gravy…but I will conquer it one day (if only to ‘win’ one over my sister…)
      Didn’t make pudding – shop bought lemon roulade (not quite the orgasm that the Marks and Spencer advert lady promised me)
      I make a mean spotted dick though – *smashes cymbals*

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