Three cheers for wine sleep!

So I finally got to sleep at around two o’clock this morning – Tosca hid my ipad to prevent distraction, removed the massive spider from the bedroom (who had turned up to say hello) and also force-fed me two bottles of wine which really did the trick. (I can drink safely now I’m off the anti-psychs – haha, fuck you, vomit choking!) Feeling the withdrawal burn though – I felt like I was going crazy yesterday, though I feel better today.

Toscar and I have been drinking whisky for the past two hours (hence any spelling errors that I will correct in the morning) and now we’re going to ponce ourselves up –


Then come home and have drunken sex (if we’re not too drunk, of course.)

(I also showed Toscar my ‘Black Diamond’ poem and he told me very forcibly that he didn’t want his arsehole spread around the internet, so I lied and told him that it wasn’t even about him which just made things worse. )

Anyway. Alcohol!

(ps – I did that drawing this morning when I was sober, although it does look like the daubings of a drunkard. Painting on an ipad is really, really hard!)

(pps – there are too many brackets in this blog post.)


2 thoughts on “Three cheers for wine sleep!

  1. Awesome picture – looks like a theatre! Theatre of the End of the World. That sounds about right. Glad you slept.
    I like brackets – they are perhaps my favourite form of punctuation.
    Good you showed Tosc your poem. Good! Heheh about his comment. *snort*
    I showed my boyfriend my latest poem (on HP) before posting it – the first and only I’ve shown him. What a chicken I am.

    I hope you are having a brilliant night – make sure you come back from the end of the world!

    • I came back from the end of the world! Drrrrrunk!
      Three cheers on showing your fella the poem – I’m going to have a read of it now. You’re not a chicken – sharing poetry is hard! xxx

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