black diamond

Black diamond
Between two globes,
(A long lost map
Of forgotten spheres)
A darksome heaven
That has never seen
The sun.

And the balls of your
Feet are the most beautiful
Things I’ve seen in years,
Declawed through
This year of purrs,
And all the miles
Of smiles
They’ve run.

(I prop you up with
The Dictionary Of Angels,
You look fucking
Gorgeous on
Your back.
You’re so shy about
This effeminate pose
But love,
It doesn’t make you
Any less –
You don’t have to join
The circus
Or wax your crack)

I press my mouth
To feathers of tawny birds,
Fighting back the urge
To spell out words,
And instead just ram my tongue
Through the middle of everything
I want to say.
With one on you
And one on myself –
My hands are clockwork
Turning hard with the
Efforts of play.

You’re telling me
That if I stop
You’ll kill me,
And that’s fine –
I have never been so sure
Of my indestructability.
I won’t stop,
Not even when I’m
Right up there with God
Picking bits of our bomb-blown
Love affair from my hair,
I won’t stop
Even when my
Arm is aching
And my tongue is a
Tired red snail
(Your fingers bounce
Off the bed
And claw nothing,
As though the very air around
You is a jail)

I wanted you to
Fuck me
But that’s not
Going to happen now,
So I move myself up
To the razzle dazzle
Of a dying candle
And milk marbles
Strike my eyebrow
(So I’m a fraction too late)
No matter,
I just suck down
Your perfect column
Of skin
And drink long and deep
Of the white,

As my head
And my heart
And your breathing
Are as slow
And as drunk
And as ageless
As gin.


One thought on “black diamond

  1. LOVE this! Especially the end.

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