Jesus Christ, my life is just one long parade of spiders at the moment. I was settling down to sleep and out of the corner of my eye spied a fucking beast of a spider on the ceiling. I ran to get the mop from the kitchen, returned to the bedroom, spider gone. So now I’m trapped in here with a huge spider. Do I leave the bedroom door open to encourage it on an adventure into the living room? Or will this just invite other spiders into my bedroom? Fuck damn it!


4 thoughts on “dilemma

  1. I like spiders, so I feel awful saying this but — flyspray.

  2. yeah I don’t know if I could do that…they have horrible deaths…normally I just swaddle them up in the mop and shake them out into the street…I need to buy a really fancy spider catcher that’s humane xxx

  3. I’m a glass and sheet of paper fan too…but sometimes they ‘feel’ the glass coming and sprint off before you can get ’em…ugh! Hope you found him…

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