sister’s orders

Ok, so my sister called today and said she thinks I should stop living alone. She said that I could go and live with her in the countryside, move back home with my mother, or ask Toscar to move in with me whilst I taper off my medication. She informed me that I am swiftly becoming a disorganized hermit and I need some company (apparently the cat doesn’t count.) I sort of wanted to argue with her but I was burning bacon at the time and also…  I suppose I agree with her on some level.
Living with my mother is not going to happen, though. I love my mother, but she’s not the best person to be around when depressed, as she’s quite a naturally depressed person herself. Also, she has no idea how to handle me when I’m unwell. The last time I was manic she freaked out and kept pouring me huge pitchers of white wine and singing nursery rhymes.
Living with my sister is also out, as moving away from Tosc and my friends will only make me more depressed.
So. I guess I’m going to have to ask Toscar to move in with me.
Man – I don’t want to live with other people though! I’m quite happy by myself, even if it does take me twenty minutes to muster up the energy to boil the kettle.
And if Toscar agrees to move in, who knows if we’ll be able to stand each other? I can see it now – I’ll want to watch the X Factor, he’ll want to watch some kind of sporting event…there will be tragic consequences. Plus he hates the cat.
But things can’t go on like this, I know that much. The way things are going I’ll be dead by Christmas.

Eh. Toscar’ll probably tell me to get fucked, anyway.


2 thoughts on “sister’s orders

  1. Crap. Are there other options? As in Toscar move in only part-time? Or, if you have the money, could you have a cleaner/nurse/helper come by for a couple of hrs every day or two to make you tea and do the dishes and do shitty paperwork, cook you bacon and cakes, and that blah blah blah stuff? (If you do have the money and more to spare, I could do with one of those kinds of helpers too 😉 x

  2. It’s all do to with me coming off this stupid drug, I think I’m going to wait to talk to my psychiatrist and see what she says, you never know, I might even have to go into hospital for a bit to get me over the ‘hump’. A cleaner wouldn’t hurt though…x

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