dreams of you

I dream of you –
My skull all draped in leather and
Badly lit,
And your hands punch
The tusk of my cranium
To get me started.

I dream of you
Skulking around a videogame,
Stealing trolleys.

I dream of you,
Talking in a language
That doesn’t translate,
You’re laughing at something I’ve said,
And I’m laughing back,
Because I don’t understand
That I don’t
Understand you.

I dream of you cooking a fry up and
saving me from
I dream of you
In all butterfly colours,
Stuck at one age,
Face changing,
Pixels smattering,
Digestive biscuit hair
Crumbling in the wake of

I dream of you playing dice in the corner,
Or running from bombs.
I dream that you are bigger than me,
Far bigger than you
Really are.

I dream of you,
Wet dreams of you,
Fucking me from behind
Like a gold shadow that I can’t touch,

And when I wake up,
I feel like I’ve done everything with you.

(I dream of my sister,
My father,
And you.
I dream of the healthiest people that I know.)


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