goddess of health wants to kill me

Hm, so Toscar noticed something strange tonight. I have a marble bust of Hygieia (Roman Goddess of Health) on a shelf above my bed. Ages ago a friend left a pink flowery halo at my flat after a night out, so I plopped it on Hygieia’s head for safe-keeping. She looked pretty good in that halo, so on her head it stayed. Now, as Toscar pointed out, the halo is missing. I don’t know how long it’s been missing, but Toscar has come up with this creepy theory that my health started going crazy when Hygieia lost her halo, as a sort of divine punishment for introducing her to a fashion accessory and then cruelly depriving her of it. It started off as a joke but now I’m kind of panicking. How many chickens will I have to kill to appease her? Or will a pair of Topshop earrings suffice?



6 thoughts on “goddess of health wants to kill me

  1. I don’t think earrings will work on a marble bust. I think she needs something pretty on her head, a hat or a halo. A daisy chain you made yourself would be a good urgent action, but she will need something more permanent after.

  2. Good thinking about the earrings, busts don’t generally have skin do they… Hm. I have loads of rosary beads that I could drape across her forehead, but I’m afraid they may anger her more. Maybe one of my woollen depression hats at a jaunty angle? x

  3. Aw man! Looks like I’m just going to have to deal with her wrath. I’ll have to buy her a bonnet tomorrow or something… xx

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