insects that I like.

(a totally pointless post. And I mean totally pointless.)

Bumble bees – fat, sweet, make honey, team players, die martyrs deaths.

Moths – gentle, dusty, stupid, make lovely thuddy noises when they hit the ceiling.

Caterpillars – fuzzy, squirmy, sort of look like gummy sweets, look impossibly cute when they munch leaves.

Snails – adorable eyes, paintable shells, are superslime factories, actually quite fast when you make them race.

Ants – very hard working, ticklish, run through arm-hair like Olympians.

Crickets – I am always excited to see a cricket.

Ladybirds – the tarts of the insect world. And how amazing was it when you first saw an inverted one – BLACK WITH RED SPOTS – and everyone told you they were made of poison?

Money Spiders – Small, dainty, herald the arrival of cash.

Daddy Long Legs – haha, just kidding – they must die.


10 thoughts on “insects that I like.

  1. I like this! Random lists are good. I like snails too, I hate it when I walk on one accidentally on the footpath on my way home in the dark. I also like that you think snails are insects.

  2. You just stopped me crying for a moment and raised a tiny smile. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Aw Amanda – glad to be of use. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Mmmm this bumblebee honey tastes delicious, I can’t believe the rest of the world has not discovered it yet…
    And who doesn’t like a team player?! I for one would never wish to meet a selfish bee! (a selfish bee is surely a wasp?) xxx

  5. !! indeed !! I need more dinosaur painkiller…xxx

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