orchestrated weeping zone

Ok, so I cried in public about an hour ago. Fucking doctor’s waiting rooms, Jesus Christ, it’s like they’ve been designed to make people cry. It was heady mix of triggers.

  • Screaming kids?
  • Really happy people on phones?
  • Seats made of cement?
  • Rap music?
  • Terrible, terrible pain?
  • Hot as Hell?
  • Someone loudly playing Tetris?
  • Some more screaming fucking kids?
  • Terrible TERRIBLE pain?

Et voila, you have yourself a public crier.


5 thoughts on “orchestrated weeping zone

  1. Ah, waiting rooms – places of anticipatory doom.
    I wrote a poem about it a few months back:

    Inbetween place where no one meets your eye
    Everyone trapped in their own blank disguise
    The radio plays crap, magazines neatly stacked
    You just try keep breathing, twist your neck, arch your back
    Always alone, you wait, that’s the game
    Til the guy with the microscope calls out your name.

    I’m sorry to hear you still have the terrible pain – that is awful. I hope they have you on something that will sort that out now. xx

  2. Haha – yeah that’s perfect. I would try to write a poem about it but I don’t want to revisit so soon, not even in my MIND. They’ve got me on Dihydrocodeine, it’s helping a bit. Problem with UTI’s is that they make all of my other damn symptoms so much worse. x

  3. Never noticed how much Dihydrocodeine sounds like a dinosaur before. A junkie dinosaur. x

    • So it does sound like a dinosaur. I think it would be a herbivore dinosaur, about the size of a large ox. Green with a touch of purple, and a bit of that scaly armour on its back and tail and forehead.

      Oh, I hope you feel better soon, I really really do.

      Tell me the dinosaur is working its magic!! xx

  4. Yup, he’s stomping around the place gobbling up my pain like a good ‘un. God bless magical opiate dinosaur! x

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