booky wook?

So, sat here in bed with my mouth full of gooey chocolate (and yet still managing to smoke at the same time), I have sort of decided to write a book. I’m pretty much house-bound and need to be distracted from the pain and general hellishness of my own existence so…yeah, maybe a young adult novel or something. The ‘falling’ prompt a few weeks ago gave me some mildly entertaining ideas, and I could write lots of nasty things about boarding school and bastard fathers and homosexuality and religion and generally just cleanse myself through not-very-well-written fiction.  I guess I’m going to have to do some research though. How old is a young adult? Is sex a no-no? Swearing?

I want to write something funny and clever, with sex, and with swearing. But I also want it to be a bit…tongue in cheek and infantile. Hm.

*eats more chocolate*


3 thoughts on “booky wook?

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, I’d love to write a book myself, but not sure I’m good enough with ‘prose’. You definitely are, though!! Good luck and enjoy, hope it’s really cathartic for you (and also makes you millions! 😉

  2. Thanks Amanda! I have no idea if I have the staying power to actually write a full ‘book’ but I really am considering giving it a go. Nothing to lose, afterall…(except maybe sanity and lots of time) xxx

  3. Ooo good. Well, one of my favourite ‘young adult’ books when I was a kid had swearing and gay sex in it. But NZ is pretty progressive I suppose. However, the sex was not very graphic – you may find yourself limited. I’d say, don’t worry too much about the audience at this point, maybe loosely think YA, but who knows, maybe it will end up being in a collection of your short stories, or a novella or a full blown (HA – blown!) adult novel. Can’t wait. But be careful of putting bits of it up online – publishers don’t like that and may not want to touch it publish into print. And I want to see you in print. On paper. Please. 🙂
    So, if you start writing it, but not posting it, you are also going to have to keep writing other stuff you can put here so we don’t get withdrawal in the meantime.

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