bored and in pain

In a lot of pain today, I must have another infection. It feels like my bladder is being carved up from the inside. I’m quite tough when it comes to physical pain but this is ‘can’t walk to the toilet’ painful. I’m going to have to call for a nurse, probably need some antibiotics. I’m worrying actually – I read in The Guardian about how resistant we’re all getting to certain antibiotics, and how it may cause the destruction of the entire human race or something equally as sinister. Oh I really want a cup of tea. Maybe the cat’ll get it for me.


8 thoughts on “bored and in pain

  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain, I have a history of kidney problems and bladder infections so know what that pain is like. Ugh. Time for serious woozy painkillers? Xxx

    • Oh I’m way ahead of you! Haha – tramadol nights for me! Sorry that we’ve both got boring and stubborn bodies. Still – now I can lie in bed and pretend to be a dying saint, so there’s always something. xx

  2. Sorry to hear this 😦
    Yeah the antibiotic thing is scary, but not worth you worrying yourself about. Hopefully it won’t become a major problem until we are long gone. I have just telepathically made you a cup of tea – normal tea, black, no sugar, like mine. xx

    • You’ve put my mind at rest – too many antibiotics this year, was fearing certain death. I have added milk and sugar to your kind telepathic tea to make it girly and drinkable for this English fop. xx

      • That is acceptable. In the morning, tea should be with milk and sweet and I suppose you are drinking it now, there, where it is the morning. But when I made it it was the afternoon here, at which time it must be black and no sugar because by 3pm or so one is “sweet enough already.”

      • Haha – by the afternoon I’m on the green, trying to trick myself into being healthy. Morning tea has to be like baby milk, just nudging you awake gently…xxx

  3. I am usually on the peppermint tea by afternoon – so, pretty similar. But not today. 😛

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