norwegian wood

Orchestrate a hook up with a
Ripped and curious hetero
Who dances like Prince.
Ever the idiot, I
Grabbed hold of his hand and
Instigated a kiss, whispering
“All is well with me, I’m a good bet…”
Not knowing just how much of a
Weird night it was going to be.
Ominously, he told me to leave straight afterwards. With
One eye on his sleeping form, I
Didn’t set fire to his flat, but I snapped every one of his cigarettes.


3 thoughts on “norwegian wood

  1. Some people are just bitches, I’m glad you snapped his cigarettes. I only ever realise that someone (who I quite like) has been a “bit off” to me a few days after, by which time it is far. too. late. to do anything even remotely cigarette-snapperish. I have this tendancy to see the best in people, initially at least.
    By the way I like your revenge writings. Quite satisfying to read.

  2. I’m like that actually – most of the time it takes ages to register that I’m angry (but this guy was a total twonk, he needed revenge dealt thick and fast and stealthily.)

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