She is
A cackling old
Who undermines me
She wears a very
Pretty white dress,
And a big egocentric
that reflects perfectly
in the globe of my tears
like a diamond snake.

“I’m going to ruin your life!”
She laughs.
“I’m going to make your father
hate you!
I’m going to make you cry
All the time,
When you see a lonely
Or a shivering dog
Or when someone gets a
Really easy question wrong on
The Chase.”

Fuck off, S!
I’m trying to be tough
Goddamn it!
Can’t you see what I’m
Trying to do with
my black converse
And my leather jacket?

(Ten pm,
Leather jacket shed,
Blank Word Document open
Teetering on the tip of a poem.
I look around the room.

S leans against a wall.

“Well well well.
Look who’s come crawling back.”


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