Things I Find Attractive

Inspired by prompt ‘things you find attractive in people’

A boy in jeans,

A boy in trousers,

A boy in braces,

A boy in blouses,

A girl who smells like summer sweat,

A girl whose makeup hasn’t set,

A boy who swears,

A boy who doesn’t,

A girl’s shoulder,

A second cousin,

A girl who smells of fags and beer,

A tattooed boy with a silver sneer,

A skinny girl who’s got T.B,

A boy who daintily sips his tea,

A girl’s left leg – bare or stockinged,

A boy so cold his knees are knocking,

A nasty twat,

A suede-head killer,

Kate Moss,

Sienna Miller,

Vivienne Westwood’s crazy teeth,

Bow-legged loons on Hampstead Heath,

Blue eyes, brown eyes, grey eyes, green,

Cold eyes, big eyes, sad eyes, mean,

Darling sweethearts in flirty skirts,

City-Boy bastards in well-pressed shirts,

Elbows, throat, wrists, knees,

A consumptive girl’s chainsmoking wheeze,

Blonde girls with their hair in plaits,

Skinny boys, short boys, muscular, fat –

Girls with pink lipstick like strawberry frosting,

I’m telling you man,

It’s fucking exhausting.


4 thoughts on “Things I Find Attractive

  1. Ha! Love this.
    Looks like it would have been fun to write. I am tempted to do one. Where do you get your prompts from?

    • If you start a blog on wordpress you can join up for daily prompts and there’s lots of people hosting their own writing challenges etc. i’m drowning in ambien right now but if you like – tomorrow I can get together a few good prompts and send the ideas over to you? xx

  2. Oo that would be lovely, of course it is me by the way, I am a bit click-happy with the enter button and it posted the comment before I’d finished. Nighty night and sweet-sweet dreams. x

  3. thanks lovely wiill message ya tomorrow. xxxxx

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