six kisses


Two red cells,
Blood and teeth –

Upper lip?


Boy In Barfly

Oh yeah, like that – your tongue’s a feather
Flamingo pink,
Wet with weather,
Drowning in the mouth of me.

Cherry stems
Locked together.


“But I -“
“Just one kiss? I’ll make it quick!”
“Fuck off Arthur, you make me sick.”



Julia is on my knee,
Grinding like a toy.
Her hands are at the back of my neck
And she says
“Come on then, boy.”
and flicks fag ash at my lap.




I love the taste of your spit.
I like it when you let it drip
with me pinned beneath you like a doll,
my mouth open like a gash
letting you drown my crooked teeth
letting you dribble your DNA down my bottleneck throat.
(Fucking hell Jack!
You are a terrible kisser…!)



We’re both naked,
But I don’t want to do anything but kiss you.
Not right now, anyway.
You’re so fragile, darling,
And so small,
And your mouth is the pink wax seal
On the envelope of my life.


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