wickerman snippet

(Toscar and I are watching The Wicker Man. He shifts uneasily in his seat.)

“So…” he sighs, “are you gonna give me a blowjob tonight or what?”

“Shhh. Brit’s doing her dance.”

“I hate this bit. Fastforward it.”

“What! This is the best bit! Other than the whole ‘and in that egg, there was a bird…’ bit.”

“Is it meant to be sexy or something?”

“What, a naked dancing beautiful blonde? Oh no, Tosc. It’s a right turn off. What a bore.”

(We are watching the end of the film. The policeman is being burned alive. There is lots of screaming and horror. I switch off the TV and clap my hands together.)

“Right. Take your jeans off then.”

Toscar looks down at his crotch. “Not really in the mood now, to be honest.”

“The burning and stuff, huh.”

“Yeah.” he says quietly. ” I guess.”


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